For floors, walls and furniture Classic features a smooth, subtly variegated aesthetic. Tough enough for floors it offers, therefore, high resistance for staircase walls and reception desks, for instance, where scuffs can be easily wiped away. The final appearance of Classic is dependent on the hand of the individual applicator, often in partnership with the project designers, making it possible to achieve anything from a subtle, lightly variegated aesthetic to something with more movement while still retaining its smooth feel.

Classic Standard Colours

The colours shown here are full pigment. Micro cement can also be mixed with less or more pigment for lighter and darker colours. Popular colours include 150% Smoke, 50% Smoke, 50% Charcoal, 50% Beige Grey and 25% Black. We can also create custom colours from a reference point of your choice – RAL, Dulux, NCS, Farrow & Ball. Many of our aesthetics show different colours and shades from the build-up of the layers of micro cement. In this way a limitless range of aesthetics can be achieved using micro cement.

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