The Micro Cement Company Limited is a specialist, micro cement applicator dedicated to the installation of the products and systems manufactured in Italy by Ideal Work srl. Our client’s choice of micro cement for their projects is driven by aesthetic considerations. The choice of micro cement allows any installation to achieve a luxurious seamless finish which is easy to maintain and is durable. Forming part of an international network of accredited installers and our close relationship with our manufacturing partners, Ideal Work, we are at the forefront of product innovation and installation techniques. The choice of high quality and reliable materials is an essential part of our ability to deliver excellence.

Given that the choice of our products and services is design lead, we have a vast array of samples (150x200mm) ready to send. We often work closely with the designers on any particular project to provide bespoke aesthetics and colours. For these, and also our standard range, we can provide bespoke samples which are normally 500x500mm.

Our Process

1. Initial Enquiry

Following your initial enquiry, be it through the REQUEST A QUOTE page on this website, by email or by calling 01273 471524 , we will provide you with an itemized quotation. We require a little information in order to do this, for example the size of the project, walls or floors, the location of the project and, if you like a particular style we install, which one. Finalising the particular style or product you like is not essential at this stage as a lot of our systems cost a similar amount per m2. And we would in any case specify a particular style which can always be changed later once you have more information and samples. We can also provide technical information at the initial enquiry stage including the types of substrate we can install our various styles on to, durability test results, timings, etc.

2. Samples

Being aesthetic led, we will initiate a conversation about the systems and style you might like and advise on their suitability for your project. So one of the first things we will do is send you samples so that conversation can continue.

3. Design Team Meeting

Again, as the installation of our micro cement systems is very much design led, we will often have meetings with the design team on a project. This can take place in our showroom in Lewes or at the clients’ or designers’ offices or at the project location.

4. Site Meeting

A lot of the issues a site survey will highlight are knowable well in advance, for example, what the substrate(s) will be, how long it takes substrates to dry, the m2 of the project, etc. So when it becomes appropriate, for example when a new-build has reached the point where the areas to recieve micro cement are getting close to being ready, one of our technical team will visit your site to undertake a full site visit. It is rare that any issues come to light as a result of this site visit. But we like to meet the on-site team involved in the project prior to starting work.

5. Documents

Our team will issue all necessary risk assessments and method statements for the installation process. Our comprehensive insurances provide cover for the works installation and liabilities throughout the process.

6. Surface Preparation

We are a specialist applicator of micro cement so we ask project managers to furnish us with a complete and relatively smooth substrate without undulations and in the plain required. It should be 2-4mm lower than the finished floor level, depending on the chosen system. On floors, in most situations, we first then apply a layer of fibreglass mesh set in epoxy. This creates a very strong skin which significantly reduces the risk of cracking in the substrate transferring through to the micro cement. We will broadcast kiln dried sand into the wet epoxy, a process which ensures a strong bond between it and the micro cement. Where fibreglass mesh and epoxy are not being used, on plastered walls for example, we will a primer appropriate to the chosen micro cement system.

7. Installation

Once the primers have dried, our trained and knowledgeable project teams can commence laying and installation of your chosen system. Our installers have extensive knowledge of our manufacturing partner, Ideal Work’s micro cement systems so you can be sure your floor is in great hands.

8. Handover and Aftercare

Once your floor is complete we will provide you with cleaning and maintenance information to ensure your floor is kept in the best possible condition. We can even assist with cleaning machine selection and advice and offer longer term maintenance solutions such as periodic re-coating schedules for any floor systems that have lifecycle extension options.


It’s perfect, John is an artist. I am so grateful to you.

Andy, lake house, Haselmere.

Many thanks, John, to you Zak for the work to our floor over the past week and a bit. Great match, great job. Much appreciated.

Sam, kitchen living and dining, Lewes.

Floor looks great! Will send some pictures once the kitchen in finished so you can use them for other clients… If you like.

Joel, Cuckfield

… the floor has been exquisitely done

Kevin McCloud on Grand Designs, Sheffield, October 2018 (see on Youtube)

The gold seam against the floor texture looks fantastic, exactly what I wanted.

Nick, Architect, Hatton Garden.

Tom did a fantastic job and was super tidy, he listened and was very patience when I was trying (desperately) to decide on the colour I wanted to go for. 

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