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Please complete the form below. In most cases, be able to quote for the supply and application of micro cement on that information alone.

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  • Eg. Home, office, shop, etc
  • Eg. New kitchen/dining extension floor 40m. Entire ground floor 120 sq meters. Kitchen worktop and island 9 sq meters. Office feature wall 30m2. Exterior patio and steps 40 sq meters.
  • Eg. Sand & cement screed, anhydrite screed, plywood, MDF, plaster, etc. (Please note: under floor heating has no effect on our micro cement.)
  • Eg. Classic, Urban Industrial, Fine Texture floors, Texture walls, Rasico, Rasico Touch, Acid Stain
    • Please note: The price will not include the construction or preparation of the substrates other than minor filling and priming. We normally work on surfaces which are flat and integral, most usually made and prepared by the project builder.
    • Under floor heating, both water and electric systems, will not affect our micro cement system. It will not discolour close to the heat source tubes or elements.
    • Some features are tricky to quote for, eg. bathroom alcoves, shelves, furniture. There is no need to differentiate these items in your estimate of the square meters above but we reserve the right to allow for these items in post quote discussions.

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