What is Rasico®?

Rasico® and Rasico Touch (Rasico with an extra, finer coat) is a blend of cement, aggregates, special ingredients for strength and workability, and a binder. Rasico and Rasico Touch are applied mostly externally but Rasico Touch especially, is suitable internally too. Being textured it offers high slip resistance. It can be mixed in many colours includingRead More

Is micro cement easy to maintain?

All our micro cement finishes require a common sense approach to cleaning and maintenance. Whichever system you choose, keeping your floor clean and free from grit will help to safeguard your micro cement surfaces from wear and tear. For interior surfaces use any non aggressive cleaning product such as the Ideal Work floor cleaner, Perfetto,Read More

What about scratch resistance, chemical and water resistance?

The sealers we use are among the best on the market. They have been tried and tested in high traffic commercial environments and have been specifically developed by the manufacturer to protect the full range of micro cement products against wear and tear, water penetration and chemicals attack. Some sealers, have been specially developed forRead More

How hard is micro cement?

We have 3 different micro cement systems each having different technical specifications using different materials. The Urban Industrial system is achieved with Ideal Work’s material called Nuvolato Architop. Finished with a power trowel, this system has the appearance and performance of power floated concrete which is extremely hard. Our Classic style along with almost allRead More

Do I have to move out to have micro cement installed?

No.The micro cement materials are odourless and cause no irritation. There is a minimal amount of dust created during the sanding process so we will protect and seal off areas where no works are being undertaken. Water based sealers have a mild but pleasant odour. In some circumstances we recommend the use of our solventRead More

When can I walk on the floor?

After floors are complete and sealed it is possible to walk on them, for all our systems, the following day. They will not be fully cured by then though. So care should be taken for around a week while the floors reach their full strength and resistance.

What is micro cement?

Micro cement is a generic term used as a name for any, thin laid (2 – 4mm in our case), cementitious finish or wear material applied by trowel. In our case we install 3 distinct types of micro cement in many styles and colours.

What is Nuvolato Architop?

Nuvolato Architop is the material system which is used to create our Urban Industrial style. Made in Italy by Ideal Work it is specially formulated to be finished using a power trowel. It cannot be finished in any other way. The power trowel gives it its style which is similar to its deep laid cousin,Read More

Can micro cement go on walls?

Yes with the exception of our style Urban Industrial (this is finished with a power trowel so therefore it is only for floors).